Execs vs. Data Analysts gives us the Analytics Gap

Execs vs. Data Analysts gives us the Analytics Gap



Execs vs. Data Analysts gives us the Analytics Gap

Data analysts are integral in the success of many companies, but some data analysts claim that they are underappreciated members of their companies. Many find that they are not consulted frequently enough about big decisions, and that analytic managers rarely get to take a seat at the executive table. This can lead to something which is referred to as the "analytics gap".

Why does it exist?

Many data analysts look at the world in a slightly different way, because they are used to taking the facts that are presented to them, and then extrapolating meaning. They work with numbers, and figures and complicated graphs which are not always understandable to some people, and these people may therefore be less inclined to take on board the concepts which are being presented to them. Many of the analytics concepts which are being offered are also relatively modern concepts which did not exist when the exec team were in positions lower down in the company. This means they sometimes struggle to understand the importance of what is being presented to them.



Problems caused by the "Analytics Gap"

If analytics are not being utilised properly, they waste the resources of the company. At the same time, misused analytics could mean that the exec team miss out on pursuing prime opportunities which the data has identified.

How to solve the "Analytics Gap"

Analysts and execs need to make sure that they are both talking the same language, and that they understand the values of each others’ roles. Building communication will help to improve resource sharing.  



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