In-Memory Software Keeps You Ahead of the Game


MicroStrategy are able to maintain their position as the leaders of the pack, in terms of business intelligence and optimal analytics software, thanks to their commitment to continued software development. The addition of improved In-Memory engines has helped to guarantee that users have the fastest and most highly functional analytics experience available for business users. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you are recommended to use this software.

MicroStrategy Prime

In terms of MicroStrategy packages, Prime stands for Parallel Relational In-Memory Engine. Prime builds on the services which are offered as part of the MicroStrategy OLAP services, but blows it out of the water in terms of faster In-Memory processing and scalability. By continuing to improve upon existing high-quality software, MicroStrategy are able to offer a larger data volume than ever before, coupled with a much faster load rate! Prime only runs with MicroStrategy software, but the vast improvements that it makes, compared with competitor software mean that the MicroStrategy package is a worthy investment for any commercial business. Prime is designed to enhance analytics, rather than operating as a replacement for persistent warehouse data storage.

Analytics with MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is well-known for offering business customers fast, functional and user friendly analytics software, which has been designed to all every user to access game changing business intelligence. By analysing data using this software, which allows easy report creation and wonderful data visualisation functions, users are able to make more informed choices about the future of their business.

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