Data Analysis to Fine-Tune Marketing

Data Analysis to Fine-Tune Marketing



As a marketer, data isone of your most important tools, so long as you know how to use it properly. You can use the data which is available to you to help you to fine tune your marketing strategy. In fact, the majority of marketers are now using more data than ever before, in order to influence their techniques. In order to use data analysis to fine tune marketing, you should consider the following suggestions.


Break data silos

Cultivate data sharing and data collection, both inside and outside of your company. If data is collected at any level, make sure that it is fully integrated throughout the organisation, so that it can achieve the best value for money. Also work with external analytics groups to facilitate data synthesis.


Infrastructure vs human intelligence

Place equal emphasis on technological infrastructure as you do on human intelligence. Both are equally important, and without one, it is difficult for the other to be successful.


Quality over quantity

Although it is good to have a high quantity of data, it is more important for your marketing aims that the data is high-quality. Poor data can send you off down the wrong track and will waste your resources.


Focus your resources

Do not expand your scope too much. Focussing your resources will allow you to pinpoint your resources accurately. Scope creep can result in you performing a lot of actions, but each action is likely to be less successful.


Consider business impact

After each action, consider the reaction. For an action to be considered successful, there must be a noticeable, positive business impact. The way that you define positive can depend on your business objectives.

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