About Us

T2 is a trade mark owned by Business Research and Development BRD .
T2 was founded in 2012 by a group of forward-thinking Saudi developers.

Starting out as a provider of security solutions for identity management, T2 has evolved into a sophisticated organization with a focus on research and development that helps its clients enhance performance in key business areas while maximizing technological ROI across the whole enterprise.

T2 offers an extensive range of top quality products and services designed to help our clients:

  • Achieve breakthrough improvements in business processes for a competitive edge
  • Maintain improvements through cutting-edge technological solutions
  • Align tech solutions with business objectives to reduce costs and improve the bottom line

T2 specializes in business process improvement, business intelligence, KPI development and the resolution of business performance issues through the design and implementation of technology solutions for a variety of major industries and across all key business functions.

T2 works with clients to:

  • Evaluate existing business processes
  • Design and implement new processes where necessary
  • Identify opportunities to improve existing processes
  • Prioritize new process implementation and improvements
  • Design and implement technological solutions for business process and business performance improvement