RiCH is a very rich communication platform that allows you to communicate with your targeted people with different ways, no matter what is the content of your message, no matter what is the number of the recipients.

RiCH combines all the means of communication in one place. Offering the communication using SMS, E-mail, Fax, and Voice, RiCH fulfills all nowadays needs for daily communication for different businesses.

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Why RiCH?

The Need: Is Today’s needs for Bulk communications platform and the difficulty of multi communications management.

Result in: Requiring more resources and agents to do communications, cost more and waste time.

Objective (Benefits)

  • Save Resources.
  • Reduce Cost.
  • Save time.
  • Automated management and follow up of communications.


RiCH Communication Platform

  • RiCH helps organizations to be connected with huge number of clients at the same time.
  • RiCH saves resources and reduce the cost of communication technologies needed.
  • RiCH manages the communication operation automatically, helps in reducing the time needed for monitoring and managing communications.
  • RiCH platform is integrated with all communication providers (STC, Mobily, Zain).
  • RiCH platform is secured and highly available.
  • In RiCH platform, cost and billing is unified cost for all services.

System Features

High Availability

High Performance



Easy to manage


What we Offer





Send Bulk SMS

Send huge number of message together

Send Login SMS

Send login on time password

Send confirmation SMS

Send service confirmation messages


Messages ordering by provider and priority

Delivery Speed

Depends on provider and priority

Unified cost

For all providers

Instant status

Track message status instantly

Scheduled message

Send future messages

Dynamic template

Send customized messages using predefined templates and parameters

Text Optimizer

Optimize message content

Preferred operator

Use operator according to recipients

Organization SMPP

Use SMPP owned by client for his account

Interactive SMS

two ways message, send message and receive feedback

Short Code support

Voting and feedback


Voice call



IVR Tree

Client Define call tree nodes and directions

Bulk Calls

Send huge number of calls together

Single call

Send call to specific number





Bulk Faxes

Send huge number of faxes like Bulk Invitation

Unlimited fax number

Send to unlimited numbers





Bulk E-mails

Send huge number of mails together

Single Email

Send Email to specific recipient

avoid marked spam

Send a huge number of mails without mark them as spam