Products and Services

Business Process Improvement

To thrive in the current business environment, organizations need to be fast, fluid and flexible.
Businesses are now dependent on their ability to continuously adapt to constantly changing market requirements, and adjusting processes is one of the main ways to maintain competitiveness.
In today’s market, business process improvement is a key ingredient to achieving success, regardless of whether an organization is focused on:

  • Innovation
  • Minimizing costs
  • Expansion
  • Revenue growth
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increasing efficiency

The Challenges

Improving business processes comes with a series of challenges, including:

  • Implementing strategies that don’t take into account the entire enterprise, resulting in an improper or fractional resolution
  • Designs are implemented without adherence to appropriate architecture principles, leading to opposition or redundancy
  • In-house process improvement teams are generally confused about the appropriate methods to employ in various scenarios
  • Projects are complex with a variety of objectives that can often change
  • Standard process improvement methods are not agile, which can make developing and implementing improvements a challenge

The Solution

T2’s consultancy team has more than 15 years of practical experience in business process design and improvement. T2 consultants work with clients to:

  • Identify the underlying problems leading to process inefficiency
  • Improve and standardize existing processes for greater efficiency and easier integration
  • Design and implement new, agile processes that can be adapted as needs change
  • And more…

The Benefits

T2 takes a holistic, enterprise-level approach. As external consultants, T2’s team can see the big picture and designs new processes and improvements accordingly.
The varied experience of the T2 team ensures the most effective methods are used to achieve maximum efficiency.
Regardless of the complexity of the project, T2 can help organizations:

  • Cut unnecessary business costs
  • Improve employee morale and efficiency
  • Enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate inefficient activities
  • And more…

Business Intelligence and KPI Development

T2 performs business intelligence implementation using MicroStrategy thereby helping organizations more effectively handle the overwhelming amount of information produced and received by their departments on a daily basis.
T2 enables clients to offer the pertinent performance and business data to the right people as soon as they need it.
The T2 implementation strategy’s core concept is that data is always available and should be mined to help clients gain more value, including through KPI development.
T2 helps clients identify big data opportunities. Extensive data sources are now available that can offer groundbreaking insights in reference to products, services, customers and innovations.
T2 assists organizations in gaining a competitive advantage by implementing new platforms that can streamline the reporting process through predictive analytics, which will lead to better business decisions.
The business intelligence solutions T2 offers enables businesses to identify and leverage the right business opportunities, thereby offering increased organizational agility and instant business value.
T2’s tools of choice include MicroStrategy, highly effective and efficient piece of business intelligence software.
MicroStrategy offer a range of benefits including:

  • Reduction of report creation time
  • Decrease of costs for duplication, distribution and storage of reports
  • Minimal training costs for adoption
  • Eliminates the need for report maintenance
  • Avoid geospatial data feed costs
  • Available on multiple platforms for easier adoption and usage
  • Ability to manipulate and monitor data as well as generating reports in real time
  • Ability to work with databases
  • And much more…

MicroStrategy has been repeatedly named as being among the best business intelligence and analytics systems on the market, which is why T2 uses it.

E-Services and Customer Development

E-services can be defined as any assets that are made available to internal users or external customers via a communication platform like the internet to facilitate the creation of new efficiencies or to drive new revenues streams.
T2 believes E-services are about more than just the technology. Effective E-service design and implementation should begin with business process improvement and end with change management for internal users and external clients alike.
T2 helps clients increase their customer base, enhance customer loyalty, increase internal user efficiency and more by:

  • Identifying business processes that can be streamlined via e-services
  • Defining or redefining processes so they can be supported by e-services
  • Designing and implementing the most efficient and cost-effective solution
  • Providing training, communications and other change-management activities for internal and external clients

The T2 team is highly experienced in using a wide range of technologies to design and implement E-services including:

  • Microsoft platforms: .Net, C#, WCF, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM
  • Open source technologies: OpenNMP, PHP, Asterisk, Odoo, Active MQ, Apache HTTPD, CodeIgniter and more

T2 is constantly exploring new platforms and searching for innovations to deliver fast, highly effective and adaptable E-services that are suited to the end-client’s needs.
The E-services T2 designs and implements can be delivered via various channels, including mobile, web, 800 numbers, 9200 number, fax, email or even short code SMS.

Portal Development

T2 specializes in portal development using cutting-edge software. As Acquia and Microsoft partners, T2 employs the latest and most efficient content management, collaboration and document management systems.
Acquia’s Drupal is one of the most effective content management systems available, which is why T2 uses it. Some of the benefits include:

  • Highly flexible allowing for extensive customization without the restrictions of other CMS tools
  • Ease of customization extends to APIs
  • Search engine friendly via a wide range of modules
  • Websites are automatically mobile ready
  • Development is quick, making it a highly cost-effective solution

T2’s other platform of choice is Microsoft SharePoint, one of the leading business collaboration tools available on the market today. Some of the benefits include:

  • Integrates with familiar desktop applications thereby simplifying how employees interact with business information, content and processes
  • Ensures the effective management and control of sensitive business information
  • Centralizes storage and organization of business documents increasing efficiency

The T2 development team has extensive experience working with cutting-edge tools like Acquia’s Drupal and Microsoft SharePoint.
T2 can successfully create and implement customized portals to streamline operations on an enterprise level, while increasing top and bottom lines.

RiCH Platform

Enterprises need to be able to communicate effectively with their customers. However, there are challenges:

  • Clients use different forms of communication, implying the need for multiple communication platforms
  • Connecting one-on-one can be time consuming and expensive in terms of telecom costs and labor
  • Standardizing marketing messages can be difficult
  • Measuring response is subjective, leading to unquantifiable results

Bulk communication is a critical aspect for enterprises because:

  • It can be highly effective for marketing purposes
  • It is more cost-effective than one-on-one communication
  • It has a wider reach
  • It is a more efficient approach to mass communication

However, not all bulk communications systems are created equally.

The Solution

RiCH, a T2 proprietary platform, is an enterprise-level communication system that solves all bulk communication issues. Thus, RiCH allows for:

  • Bulk communication to and from different platforms, namely voice calls, faxes, SMS, mobile and e-mail
  • Reception of responses to bulk communications from clients, regardless of the communication channel used
  • Clients will be able to contact your business via a variety of communication platforms
The Benefits

RiCH enables our clients to:

  • Run cost-effective and homogenous marketing campaigns
  • Cut telecom costs by using the most cost-effective platform to reach customers
  • Conduct market research among clients through automated questionnaires that can be sent via SMS, automated voice calls, or email, thereby gathering essential information
  • Determine customer satisfaction and discover where improvements can be made
  • Improve customer loyalty by showing you care
  • Tracking vendor response rates and efficiency by allowing responses to be grouped into communication sets
  • And more…