Ole5 is a system for tracking and managing huge amounts of internal, incoming and outgoing messages. It facilitates the exchange of information and documents between two or more parties. The purpose of the system is to manage and track all incoming, outgoing and internal messages, an organization of work and reduction of paper use. Also, it provides many reports to determine the quality and efficiency of work. In addition, it makes it easier to search for previous messages, which increases the productivity of employees using the system. Most important it isn’t an email system but has features that can be implemented using email.

Why Ole5?

  • Provides necessary security features.
  • Electronic authentication of the message resource.
  • E-mail like.
  • High Storage Spaces unrequired.
  • Usable in the cloud.
  • It is a correspondence system, not archiving.

System’s Features:

  • n-tier Architecture
  • Organizational Structure: Messaging Rules.
  • UIs.
  • Data Migration.
  • Integration with Active Directory.
  • Messages Tracking.
  • Transactions Log.
  • HTML5.

Security Features:

Ole5 was built based on TNO philosophy, which includes:

  • MFA
  • Encryption.
  • Multi-level Privileges..
  • Security Dots.
  • Source Code Revision.