MicroStrategy makes it easy to transform your Big Data into big insight. Analyze data located anywhere, regardless of shape and size. Blend data from multiple sources together and present it clearly and cohesively. Leverage a vast array of advanced analytics and predictive models to make intelligent decisions faster than ever before. MicroStrategy’s in-memory analytics ensure blazing speed and performance, so you can fearlessly analyze the largest data sources through intuitive, appealing interfaces.


Why MicroStrategy?

Personalized apps for every user, on any device.

MicroStrategy makes it easy to build powerful, personalized apps for every employee in your organization and deploy them via web, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Armed with the right information, employees can be more productive and make better, faster business decisions.

Easy self-service analytics.

MicroStrategy offers powerful self-service analytics on both Mac and PC. Easily connect to data, leverage both out-of-the-box and 3rd-party visualizations to quickly build dashboards, and promote them from your desktop to the enterprise with ease.

Unparalleled data access.

Use a wide selection of out-of-the-box connectors to tap into nearly any type of data, including Hadoop and Salesforce. Once connected, it’s easy to cleanse data with built-in data preparation functionality, so you can spend less time preparing data and more time analyzing it.

Easily scalable to 1000s of users and petabytes of data.

Deliver answers faster than ever with exclusive in-memory technology. Easily deliver sub-second response times against petabytes of data and seamlessly distribute applications to 100,000s of users - so you can finally start turning your Big Data into real-world business value.


Powerful, predictive insights.

With powerful advanced analytics, harness historic data to make better, more informed decisions. MicroStrategy comes with over 300 out-of-the-box analytical functions, data mining algorithms, predictive models, and the ability to easily integrate with 3rd party statistical programs like R.

Uncompromising security for your organization’s data.

Ensure your data is safe with comprehensive platform security. Control when, where, and by whom information is accessed with multi-factor authentication via Touch ID, object-level security, customizable ACLs, and a tight integration with MicroStrategy Usher.

Scalable, centralized administration.

Save time, effort, and money with powerful administration tools. The all-new Operations Manager provides a single, centralized interface for administering all your analytics environments, so you can more effectively manage projects and better monitor system performance.

Deploy on premises or in the MicroStrategy Secure Cloud – it's your choice.

MicroStrategy 10 is platform neutral and can easily be installed on your own infrastructure or using our Cloud servers. MicroStrategy 10 Secure Cloud provides the fastest, most cost-effective way to deliver enterprise-ready analytics at scale. Regardless of your deployment choice, you can be up and running with MicroStrategy 10 in less than a week.